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Glam Photo Booth

The hottest new take on the Open-Air Photo Booth!

Large group Glam Photo

What exactly is a Glam Booth?

   Experience the trending sensation in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex: our Kardashian-inspired Glam Photo Booth. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, and parties, this photo booth experience is the top-rated choice in DFW.

   The Glam Booth revolutionizes the traditional photo booth session, transforming your memories into elegant black-and-white portraits. Thanks to advanced skin-smoothing technology, it captures the essence of high-quality DSLR imaging combined with the allure of Instagram-like perfection. Capture and cherish those impeccable, blemish-free moments that stand out in any social feed."

The Glam Process

   Step in front of the brilliant white backdrop and look into the camera (don't be shy!) You’ll be delighted to see yourself on a live-view screen so you can make last-minute beauty adjustments and practice your poses before the countdown begins. 


   Next - Pose!! Not sure what to do? Ask the attendant! This will be just ONE PHOTO. That keeps the line short and gives you more time to dance and party. (Trust us... it's pretty sweet!)


   Then, your picture gets taken using our professional camera, and studio-grade flash with an attached beauty dish. In just moments, your picture gets magically filtered using our unique process and the glamorous results pop up on the screen. Love it? Keep it! Send it to your phone and pick up your printout in just seconds. Everyone in the photo receives a print - every time.

    Finally, after everyone has gone home smiling... We upload all the photo sessions to our online gallery (Original color photos and the Glam version) and send you the download link. These are yours to share, reproduce, and cherish forever!


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