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Immerse your guests in the ultimate interactive experience with our 360 camera booth in DFW! 360 degrees of slow motion FUN!

360 Video Booth 

   Increase excitement at your next event with our epic 360 photo booth. This is not just a photo opportunity; it's an immersive experience, complete with dynamic music, video FX, and more, designed to get the people moving! 

360-Degree Slow Motion Video

Text your creations directly from the photo booth!
Send a branded e-mail containing your photo with a custom, preconfigured message
Send the social media ready mp4 file to your e-mail to upload it to your Instagram profileinstaicon.pngSend the social media ready mp4 file to your e-mail to upload it to your Instagram profileSend the social media ready mp4 file to your e-mail
Share your photos by snapping a picture of a provided QR code
Send your photos and videos with Airdrop, a technology provided by Apple for ios devices

Rapid Sharing

   We're constantly innovating, ensuring our 360 photo booths offer the latest in technology, especially when it comes to sharing. Delivery speed is a priority, so we've invested in internet bonding technologies to help push the high-res video along!


Advanced Analytics


   Take advantage of our easy-to-read analytics report after your event and get the breakdown of shares, impressions, age groups, most viewed content and more!

39" Video Stage

   Sturdy platform that holds up to 5 adults at a time, 1200lb capacity

Customizable Experience

   Tailor your photo booth experience with a custom-designed welcome screen, video overlay, and a variety of exciting add-ons. 

Local Sharing Station

   Keep the line moving! Guests will be able to view and share their videos at a nearby iPad kiosk immediately after stepping off of the platform. 

Custom Microsite Gallery

   Every video gets uploaded to a branded website gallery, where they can be downloaded or shared. Guests enter their phone number one time to receive access to the entire gallery. 

Interactive Add-ons:


- Bubble/Money guns

- Confetti Cannon

- Time-sync CO2 Jets 

- LED Lights

Step up to our camera 360 booth and take a spin with your friends! Share the video to your phone!

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