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Roaming Photo Booth

Mobile photo booth entertainment!

Enhance your event with our Roaming Photo Booth, the perfect solution for engaging and entertaining guests at any gathering. Mobile and versatile, our photo booth moves around your venue, capturing lively, spontaneous moments with ease. Ideal for weddings, corporate events, and parties, it ensures no one misses out on the fun. Book our Roaming Photo Booth to add a dynamic, interactive element to your celebration, creating lasting memories for all.

What is a Roaming Photo Booth?

   Transform your event with our roaming photo booth service, where the photo booth comes to you, ensuring your guests enjoy the celebration without the hassle of waiting in lines. This unique approach allows for the backdrop to be wherever your guests are, capturing spontaneous combinations of people and moments throughout your venue that won't be achievable with a traditional photo booth. 

   With our innovative Roaming Photo Booth DFW service, our friendly team circulates among your guests, inviting them to capture their moments without ever having to leave the celebration. Whether it's a photo, a lively GIF, or a playful Boomerang, our handheld device equipped with a professional ring light ensures everyone looks their absolute best.

Bring excitement and innovation to your event with our Roamer Photo Booth, designed to mingle with guests and capture moments on the move. This portable photo booth experience is perfect for any occasion, ensuring everyone gets a chance to be part of the fun. With the Roamer Photo Booth, your event will be remembered for its dynamic entertainment and the unforgettable memories it creates. Ideal for parties, weddings, and corporate gatherings looking to add a unique, interactive touch.

Three Experiences in One Photo Booth!

Transform your event with our Social Photo Booth, designed for maximum engagement and shareability. This modern photo booth experience encourages guests to capture and share their moments instantly, making it perfect for weddings, parties, and corporate events. With easy social media integration, the Social Photo Booth ensures your event's memorable moments are spread far and wide. Elevate your celebration with a fun, interactive way for guests to connect and create lasting memories together.
Introducing the Social Circle Photo Booth, a revolutionary way to make your event unforgettable. This innovative photo booth encourages group interactions and fun, allowing guests to capture moments together in a unique, circular setup. Perfect for weddings, parties, and corporate events, the Social Circle Photo Booth is designed to enhance the social atmosphere and create shareable memories. Elevate your celebration with this engaging, interactive photo experience, ensuring every moment is captured in style.
"Light up your event with our Ring Light Booth, the perfect addition for capturing stunning, professionally lit photos. Ideal for weddings, parties, and corporate events, this booth uses a ring light to ensure every shot is flawlessly illuminated. Elevate your celebration with the Ring Light Booth, offering guests a fun, interactive way to create beautiful, shareable memories. Make your event stand out with the glow and glamour of our Ring Light Booth.

Still Photos

   Nothing compares to the all-time classic still photo! We can use a variety of templates for your still photo design. Make it a photo strip, a single-shot polaroid, or something totally unique. Our graphic designers will help you achieve your vision!

concert attendees having a blast with the ring light photo booth


   We offer complete graphical customization of the Roamer Photo Booth to make the experience truly unique for each event. 

   Enhance your event with a touch of personal flair. Our expert designers are ready to bring your unique vision to life. We offer a variety of services including the creation of overlay graphics (both static and animated), engaging video welcome screens, branded microsite galleries, customized text messages, and HTML emails. Plus, we specialize in incorporating your brand's logo across all elements. Experience a tailor-made microsite, accessible via a text message link, where guests can download or share their photos, all while your logo takes center stage.

Optional Enhancements

Elevate your photo booth experience with these premium add-ons!

Live Microsite Gallery

  All photos are uploaded LIVE to a custom-designed website as the event progresses. Guests put in their phone numbers once to receive a link to the entire gallery. Download and share all of your photos from the event!

Day At The Races (View Example)

WWEX Group (View Example)

Welcome Screen Spotlight

  Start strong with our specially designed welcome screens, tailored to seamlessly integrate with any photo booth setup. Highlight your brand effectively from the get-go, presenting your logo or monogram prominently. The vivid LED ring light ensures maximum visibility and attraction, setting the stage for memorable photo opportunities.

Custom Text (SMS) / E-mails


   Customize a 120-character text message that guests will see alongside their photo, or send a custom-branded HTML email. Perfect for promotions, advertising, or encouraging the use of hashtags, every guest who provides their phone number will receive this personalized message with their photo.

Advanced Analytics Report


    Receive an easy-to-read analytics report after your event! This report details the amount of shares, impressions, age groups, most viewed content, and more. Event data has never been this accessible!

Introducing the Ring Light Roamer, a mobile photo solution that combines the allure of perfect lighting with the excitement of on-the-go photography. This innovative service features a professional attendant who navigates the event with a ring light-equipped camera, ensuring every shot captures guests in the most flattering light. Ideal for weddings, corporate events, and parties seeking to add a dynamic, interactive element. The Ring Light Roamer creates vivid, beautifully lit photos that guests will love to share, making every moment shine.

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   Forget about the hassle of lines or missed moments. Our roaming setup allows for instant sharing; guests can simply enter their cell phone numbers to receive digital copies of their photos right away. Plus, the built-in ring light on our photo booth ensures every shot is flawlessly lit, adding that touch of glamour to every picture.

   Dive into the excitement and see how our Roaming Photo Booth adds a dynamic element to events across DFW.... it's the most popular booth of 2024!


Ready to make your next event a hit?

walking around a dallas venue with a photo booth taking candid photos
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