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Roaming Photo Booth

Mobile Photography... but Highly Interactive & Highly FUN!

Roaming Photo Booth

Ready to shake things up?

   Our Roaming Photo Booth attendant "roams" around the event space engaging with your socializing guests while they are naturally enjoying the festivities. Why leave the dance floor to go stand in a long line at the back of the room? The Roaming Photo Booth brings the party to your guests and is sure to impress.


   Capture every angle of the excitement with three different experiences; Still Photo, Animated GIF, and Boomerang video... Try all three!


   Jazz it up with digital props, image filters, and text it straight to your phone! The photo arrives "Social-Media ready" so that you can easily share it on all of your social platforms with your favorite people.


Three Experiences in One Photo Booth!

Boomerang photo with black and white filter
Boomerang video of two women blowing kisses

Boomerang Videos

   A Boomerang is a burst of photos that is played back and forth to create a video that continuously replays on a loop. Try dancing, hugging, or cheers with your glass to create really entertaining videos. Text the "social-media ready" video to yourself, upload to the social media platform of your choice, and amaze your friends!


   We offer complete graphical customization of the Roaming Photo Booth to make the experience truly unique for each event. 

Add personal style and let our designers make your vision a reality. We can create overlay graphics, fine-tune the fonts and even use your brand's logo!

Optional Enhancements

Welcome Screen Video

   Make a strong first impression! Our designers will create a custom looping video that everyone will see before each photo session. This is the perfect spot for your brand name, logo, monogram, etc.

Elevate your photo booth experience with these premium add-ons!

Live Microsite Gallery

  All photos are uploaded LIVE to a custom-designed website as the event progresses. Guests put in their phone numbers once to receive a link to the entire gallery. Download and share all of your photos from the event!

Day At The Races (Example)

Texas Values Gala (Example)

White Label Text Messages / E-mails

   Insert your own 120-character message for your guest to see when they receive their photo. Can include one website URL. Every guest that enters their phone number will receive this message along with their photo. Great for advertising!

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