Roaming Photo Booth

Mobile Photography... but Highly Interactive & Highly FUN!


Ready to shake things up?

   Our Mobile Roaming Photo Booth allows your guests to strike a pose... right where they already are! Why leave the dance floor to go stand in a long line at the back of the room? This booth brings the party to your guests and is sure to impress! With this handheld photo booth, our photographer will personally "roam" throughout your event, capturing every angle of excitement. Complete with three separate experiences (Still, Animated GIF, Boomerang), Digital Props, Image Filters, and best of all... it sends via text straight to your phone!



   We offer full customization on the Roaming Booth for each client. We can change the following to fit your event's needs: 


- Welcome Screen

  We can insert a short .MP4 movie or .JPG graphic that everyone will see before each session. This is the perfect spot for your Brand Name / Event Name.

- Template Styles

  Photo Strips, Polaroids, etc. Your Choice!


- Template Design

  Add your logo, name, date, colors, virtually anything!

- Text Message / E-mail

  (Up to 120 Characters for Text Message, No limit on E-mail) 

  Every guest will receive this message with their photo!

- Live Microsite Gallery

  All pictures are being uploaded LIVE to a website as the event progresses. This "Microsite" can be tailored to fit your event. Check out these examples!

Cortland Living Microsite (Example)

Lawson Event Rentals Microsite (Example)


- Image Filters

  Choose from our collection of image filters (See Examples)

- Digital Props (Optional)

  Think SnapChat Filters meets Photo Booth! We have a huge collection of digital props - We don't bring them to every event,  so please request them in advance and we will load them into your event!


Starting at
(Up to 5 Hours)

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Boomerang Videos

Animated GIFs


Still Photos