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Glam Photo Booth

Check our our Kardashian inspired beauty booth!

What is a Glam Booth?

Also known as the Kardashian booth! 

   Whether your event calls for the timeless elegance of black and white photos or the vibrant allure of color, our Glam Photo Booth caters to every preference.


   Ideal for any occasion, from weddings to corporate gatherings, this service promises to add a touch of Hollywood glamour. The iconic photos of A-List celebrities showcasing their flawless skin against a stark white backdrop, highlight the impact of exceptional lighting, a brilliant white backdrop, and DSLR camera quality.

   The key to achieving that impeccable skin finish lies in custom skin-smoothing filters, a luxury once reserved only for Kim K, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber at a steep price. Now, this exclusive magic is accessible for your event, ensuring everyone can enjoy that flawless finish.

   We offer Glam Filter Booth rentals in Fort Worth, Dallas, Frisco, and beyond. 

Modernize your Dallas event with our Glam Photo Booth service. Level up your look with skin-softening filters and professional color grading. Walk awway with your new favorite photo - a sophisticated black and white photograph thats full of glamour!
Capture classic moments with our Black and White Photo Booth. Ideal for adding a timeless touch to any event, featuring instant prints and a selection of fun props for a unique, engaging experience.
Glam Photo Booth at a wedding in Dallas with friends and family



High Quality DSLR Camera

Skin-smoothing filters

Studio Lighting

Professional Color Grading

Custom Overlay Graphic

Text to Phone or E-mail

Love the celebrity skin, but not into Black and White photography?

   We now offer a "Color Glam" Photo Booth option in DFW for those seeking to showcase the vibrance of your wedding or special event. Using the same skin softening applications, your photo is transformed into a natural-looking masterpiece complete with all of the color hues and emotions that they inspire. 

bride and groom in the best color glam photo booth in dallas.
Bride with her family wearing fun props and smiling for the camera. The photo is vibrant with glamourous colors. Memories with family are the best!
rent our glam filter booth for your next fort worth event! Whether you are celebrating a wedding, a corporate event, or baby shower... we do it all! We bring the Glam Photo experience to you!
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