Green Screen Photo Booth

Go anywhere in the world, and take a photo to prove you were there!

Open Air Setup

   The "Open-Air" photo booth is great for action-packed group photos that fit up to 12 guests. This type of booth requires a minimum area of 8' x 8' to comfortably fit a custom backdrop, photographer, DSLR camera, studio lighting, a touch-screen preview monitor, a wall of fun props to choose from, and a high speed printing station. 

Choose Your Backgrounds

   You get to choose up to (4) different background graphics for your guests to select from within the booth. Our design team can also create a foreground graphic to overlay every photo

(typically Name, Logo, Date, Border Design, etc)

  - Every guest will walk away with a customized 4x6" photo right after their session.

  - Includes option to text or e-mail a digital copy from the booth for easy social media sharing!
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Unlimited Photo Sessions

   All of our photos are taken with high-quality Canon DSLR cameras and printed on-site just seconds after the photograph. We offer a print copy for Every Person in Every Photo. If there are 10 guests in the photo we will print 10 copies for them.

We utilize "dye sublimation" printing technology, so the photos are ready in less than 10 seconds and your photos will never smudge and always make you smile.



- Send photos to your phone or e-mail instantly!

- Large selection of fun props


- Image filters

- Receive high-resolution digital copies after the       event.

- Free Delivery & Set-up (Within 50 miles)

Starting at
(Up to 5 Hours)